Biography of Richard J. Perrillo, Ph.D.

Richard J. Perrillo received his Ph.D. in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from the University of Utah in 1978. His program of study was sponsored both by the Departments of Psychology and Educational Psychology and was specifically designed to meet the highest educational standards set by the American Psychological Association for the “Scientist/Practitioner Model” of training for psychologists. Dr. Perrillo’s dissertation, research, general studies and final oral examination was of such outstanding quality the doctoral committee honored his degree “with distinction”, a rare Professional Biography of Richard J. Perrillo, Ph.D.accomplishment since less than 10 students have received this acknowledgment in the last 40 years. The American Psychological Association for over 40 years has continuously approved both the Clinical and Counseling psychology programs at the University of Utah.

Before receiving, his Ph.D., Dr. Perrillo’s training included a clinical internship at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Salt Lake City, where Dr. Perrillo was coordinator of a special program designed to integrate clinical and neuropsychologically impaired veterans back into the community. In addition he was Director of the Diagnostic Unit for a joint program for the Salt Lake County Attorney’s Office and Salt Lake County’s Mental Health Department. Also Dr. Perrillo consulted with three School Districts in Salt Lake City testing or supervising the diagnostic assessments of hundreds of students.

Since 1978 his professional activities have focused on three main areas tied together with the common theme of the application, use and study of clinical and neuropsychological assessment techniques with a wide variety of both normal and abnormal populations.

Dr. Perrillo has been consulting with Fortune 500 companies both nationally and internationally for over 20 years. His activities have included human resource research, management development, and the Clinical & Neuropsychological assessments of literally thousands of employees. During his 21 years of corporate consulting Dr. Perrillo has twice held secret security clearance for his work was frequently used in the aerospace industry under high or secret security conditions.

Licensed as a Psychologist in California in 1986, Dr. Perrillo began consulting to both plaintiff and Defense Law firms as a forensic expert in both Clinical and Neuropsychology. He has evaluated thousands of patients in the last 15 years. His recent area of expertise and interest involves the clinical and neuropsychological effects of toxic exposure on brain behaviors. He has published several studies with the University of California, San Francisco Medical School.

Dr. Perrillo maintains a private practice in Beverly Hills and San Francisco California. The focus of his practice is to apply clinical and neuropsychological assessment techniques to better understand the human condition in all of its complexities.

Dr. Perrillo is a full member of the American Psychological Association, APA’s Division 40-Clinical Neuropsychology, California Psychological Association, CPA’s Division 1-Clinical and Professional Psychology, National Academy of Neuropsychology, Fellow of the American Board of Forensic Examiners, Diplomate in Forensic Neuropsychology by the American College of Psychological Specialties, Charter Member of the Coalition of Clinical Practitioners in Neuropsychology and American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Note: This professional biography is intended only as an introduction to the professional activities of Richard J. Perrillo, Ph.D. It is not meant to cover the comprehensiveness of education, training and experience of Dr. Perrillo.